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ayurvedic & dosha cheatsheets

to understand some of the basics

a guide to assist you with the quiz

& to understand your results

charts to help you discover imbalances

& techniques to find balance

Ayurveda provides a simple framework for us to connect with the wisdom we need to thrive!

this ancient system of healing addresses:

diet & lifestyle practices

daily routines

harmony with nature

each of the three doshas are present within us all, in varying amounts.

they offer their own individualized set of qualities & characteristics!

by discovering your unique combination of each dosha when you were born (prakriti),

you can then begin to determine your current state of imbalances (vikriti),

in order to promote balance within the body, mind, & soul!

this info is available in the FREE DOWNLOAD ABOVE!

Do you feel unmotivated, confused, or overwhelmed about health?

too many "health trends" to keep up with?

difficulty following a sleep schedule?

not sure the best foods to eat - or how much to eat?

struggle with quitting "bad habits", or uninteresting in creating "better habits"?

Ayurveda enables you to take control of your life to create a balanced state of health!

by cultivating more awareness & learning the wisdom of Ayurveda, we can feel more empowered to make choices that can shift our health!

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