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peace, my friends! ✌

i am tammi - thewellnesshippie


dives beyond physical asana,

to discover the true meanings of self.

ayurvedic counselor

diet & lifestyle guidance,

with a plant-based/vegan approach. 


holistic skincare specialist, "healthy skin starts from within".

I offer a mix of holistic healing methods,

with an aim toward preventative health & natural living!

when working with me, clients immediately begin obtaining knowledge to

regain, promote, & maintain balance within their body, mind, & soul. ✨

this awareness transforms lives when applied because it can

minimize disease risks & support them throughout their entire lifetime!

how can i help you?!

this page is currently being updated, so check back soon!

- thewellnesshippie 😘

in the meantime...

head over to my social platforms to connect,
& i'll inform you there when the site is updated & optimized! 🥰

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