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gain wisdom to create lifelong changes!

if you...

tend to feel frustration toward yourself because you want a healthier lifestyle but haven't taken many steps to get there...

are early on in your wellness journey & are overwhelmed by the massive amount of health trends & diets nowadays...

already have a healthy-ish lifestyle but lack self-control & discipline with your triggers...

overall, just want to evolve to the next level to become even healthier...

(OR -- if you fit into a category in between any of the above options...)


it's time to book an Ayurvedic Counseling session to reevaluate some things!

allow me to (re)/introduce you to the beautiful world of holistic living

& provide support to encourage you to maintain this incredibly beneficial lifestyle!


let's get you ready to step into a new light,

with a greater understanding of what your being truly needs to thrive!


ayurvedic principles - vegan foundation

my "typical clients" are yogis who want to deepen their yoga practice --

those who have had a dedicated practice over the years,

but are still striving to connect to their body, mind, & soul on an even deeper level!


they've been consistent for the most part with yoga asana, & meditation --

but have been struggling when it comes to diet, nutrition, & other lifestyle habits...


they often try to eat healthy, but sometimes get overwhelmed with all of the information that's out there --

about the types of foods that are best for them, when they should be eating, & how much...


I help yogi's dive deeper into making the connection between

the aspects of non-violence/compassion for all living beings & sense control

(widely known through the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

& their practice off of the mat with the foods they consume.


by combining Ayurvedic principles with an ethical vegan foundation,

we unlock a whole new way to approach a yogic diet + lifestyle!

why work with me specifically?

I am able to be a great counselor to other yogis because I am a yogi!

I have been through it ALL on my journey to level up my health!

  • overwhelm about what foods to eat
  • confusion as to why I often felt sluggish or bloated
  • irritable because I wasn't getting 'optimal' sleep
  • sadness because I didn't feel or look my 'best'
  • distressed because I was mentally drained
  • & so much more...

I was once in the position where I felt like I was doing so much

with my selfcare, physical, mental, & spiritual practices --

but there was something within me telling me to

"dive deeper... there is more for me along this path"...

I knew I had to listen to my inner divine guidance system!

I'm absolutely not saying I'm perfect now,

& never have any of those emotions anymore -- I am still human after-all...

but my point is that I found the knowledge that I was so desperately searching for!

& the tools needed to live a harmonious healthy lifestyle!

this page is currently being updated, so check back soon!

- thewellnesshippie 😘

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